BusinessDay Top 100 Fastest Growing
SMEs in Nigeria

BusinessDay aims to recognize and celebrate the 100 fastest growing small and medium scale companies in Nigeria. SMEs from all 36 states and Abuja compete for the coveted list and honored companies and entrepreneurs will receive national and state recognition for their achievements.
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Primus Inter Pares - First amongst equals

Across different sectors, 37 million Nigerians, young and old, male and female are pushing their personal limits to establish ventures that provide solutions, services and employment the founders and others. These people are the real backbone of the economy accounting for >48% of Nigeria’s GDP.

3.7m SMEs in Nigeria
36 States + Abuja
100 Honorees

Application Criteria

Only companies founded by Nigerians or operating largely in Nigeria make the list and all have experienced substantial growth in the last business year. All companies listed have annual gross revenues in excess of N50m in 2017. The list is not ranked according to revenue but according to growth and impact on the economy.

To qualify, a company must meet each of the following criteria:

  • Have started earning revenue by March 31st, 2015
  • Had revenue no less than N10m in 2015
  • Had revenue no less than N50m in 2017
  • Be independent, privately-owned and based in Nigeria.
  • Have a staff strength of >10 people

Why Apply

An award like this means a lot to your business. Out of 37 million SMEs, 100 are chosen each year purely on their growth achievements regardless of size.

Publicity and Recognition

Get national recognition for your achievements and exposure in nationwide media.

Company Branding

Boost employee morale, improve your talent attraction and let others know your achievements.

Business Growth

Stronger sales conversion as everyone loves to buy from a credible company.

Invite-Only Events

Access to the Top 100 SME Conference with a billionaire as keynote speaker + networking.

VIP Deals

Exclusive Deals for the Top 100 Class from business service providers that you will need.

Certificate and Badge

Top 100 Certificate and Badge you can use on your website and publicity materials

Key Dates and Timelines

A run-through of the award timelines.


Is there an application fee?

No, there is no application fee, the award is absolutely free. However, there is N25,000 fee applicable to those who wants prominence/special feature in the publication.

Can one pay for inclusion?

Editorial Review is final. We do not honour specific requests to be included in the list from sponsors or otherwise. Please do not ask.